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Many folks can feel that nothing positive will come from an infectious virus that has already (and climbing) infected more than 180,000 people worldwide and has caused about 8,000 deaths to date. And still…

We believe — or would like to believe — that God is taking tragedies and transforming them into success. You can already know and quote Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11 to console you in times of difficulty. They are positive scriptures, with assurances of the scheme of God to make us prosper and redeem our misery.

However when presented during a crisis, even scripture can sound cliche and unsympathetic.

Tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and natural disasters of all sorts occur daily in our globe.

They seem like senseless monsters, but the destruction they leave behind somehow brings glory to God.

Rallying with the groups. Partaking in churches. People are searching for peace, and seeking Christ. And even in the midst of coronavirus, we may try the hand of God.

A global virus isn’t an uncommon way for God to work.

It is very possible— in fact it is likely— that God plans to perform miracles in the wake of COVID-19, and is already doing them. He loves the way we transform. We don’t always understand and pursue His influence until we are unhappy, helpless and despairing.

When catastrophes happen, we must bear in mind that God is at work and seeks to bring about change within us.


15 Unexpected Ways Coronavirus Can Make Your Life Better?.

Since positive change takes place collectively in body, mind and spirit, here are 15 easy ways that the COVID-19 will boost your overall health and change your life for the better:

1. Prayer Life Renewed (or New)

We will all pray that the infection be suppressed and eradicated, and that the sick be cured. We will hang on to the sadness to feel safe and to bear the medical workers of the nation. We will hope for the change of hearts, too.

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We mourn, inquire and intercede relatively quickly during crisis. But let’s not forget to confess our sins or praise and thank God for who He is and what He is or is not doing in crisis. God is perfect, always decent, always perfect, and always decent.

In this view, praying will change what you think of God (even in a crisis) and change how you love Him and worship him. (Ps. 16:10–11)

2. A Slower, More Peaceful Speed of Life

Must it really take closed offices, cancelled games and no school for us to know how busy we have really been? Let’s enjoy the chance of staying out of the rat-race at home. Let some more night. Read a few novels.

If you can, schedule the job for your day instead of your job day. Doing easy things that you don’t usually have time to do will show how stressful and off-balanced your non-virus life is. Prioritize doing things that you love and start enjoying a simpler life. (Psalm 15) (Rom 15)

3. Increased Personal Hygiene

As you have been aware, one of the precautionary measures we are advised to take is serious personal and environmental hygiene. Since the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, the sale of soaps, detergent and hand sanitizers have continued to be on the rise. Churches, banks and other public places are just patronizing them in bulk.

There are a thousand and one people who don’t normally take their night baths not to talk of cleaning their environment but now, the reverse is the case.

I hope that after all this is over, there will not be a decline in the rate of our cleanliness. We will only rise from glory to glory and from bathing twice to maybe four times a day, haha, that was supposed to be a joke but cleanliness is next to Godliness.

4. Social Time Improved

Enjoy your meals together. Watch films. Quit playing board games. Making the best of anyone who has the same schedule. That can take some grace and adjustment. Our normal family lives are so crazy that at the same time, we are never home but for sleeping.

Families with small children can most experience the additional burden of a quarantine as they depend on activities to divide the day. Get imaginative with your backyard or make your house a new play-space so that your family time can be one of fun rather than worry over germs. (Eph. 5:19–21)

5. Greater Empathy and Compassion

During a crisis it’s easy to panic, blame or judge. Inconvenience is a national emergency. Not everybody is responding in the same way to the crisis. Until we respond to messages, updates, speeches and announcements, let’s all hold our tongues for a moment.

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Empathy determines that I seek to see the world from the viewpoint of another.

Patience dictates that I regulate myself so that other people can move at their own pace and react.

Outside of disaster these two skills are hard to groom. Let’s pause and now let’s know. (Col. 3:12–13)

6. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Coronavirus is an invitation to stay out of several public places and stores. Reducing your time in the car, bus, or train with all that emissions. Reduced travel also produces more comfortable, safer, and less crowded public spaces— notably, we’re all encouraged to spend more time at home.

You may consider practicing the art of conservation by staying at home, because you have to. After COVID-19, maybe a new habit of driving less would carry over into your life. (Genesis 2:15) Amen.

7. New Outdoor Habits

It is a great time to start a routine of walking, running in the park, kayaking, cycling, relaxing on your patio, or some other daily outdoor activity. We all have settings outside but we are still too busy to use them on a daily basis.

You can start an outdoor routine with a looser schedule that, if you sustain it, will yield big benefits for your future emotional and physical health.

Being outside also offers a tangible feeling of meditation and adoration. (Proverbs 3:5-8) Amen.

8.Changed Financial Priorities

Collapsing stock markets and dwindling retirement assets generate tremendous uncertainty and anxiety. It is incredibly difficult to remain calm in the face of economic collapse.

Our fragile economy, however, gives us each a golden opportunity to investigate the source of our health. To help lower your reliance on money, pay off your debts, reduce your expenses, and generously donate.

While financial savings and planning are important, an economic downturn could highlight the impact your financial security has on you. (Matthew 4:19)

9. Catch Up Opportunities

Whether it’s cleaning wardrobes, scanning photos, painting a room, or doing household repairs, you probably have plenty of jobs around your house that need your attention. Using this time to catch up on things you need to do but never have time to do it.

You can possibly draw up a list of 10 projects that don’t even need you to leave the house to do them. (Eph. 5:15–17)

10. Personal growth

You may want to concentrate on some personal growth areas during this change in speed that coronavirus needs. Write, read, set up consultancy. Taking care of our spiritual and emotional self frequently leads to more stressful activities taking a back burner.

You may have a bit of spare time in your schedule in the next few weeks to focus on yourself. Take advantage of chance. When you evolve and emotionally and spiritually change, then everything around you will improve.

Positive outlook also eliminates concern with the problems at hand. (2 Tim. 2:15, 1 Cor. 15:30-34)

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11. Redefined Relationships

Split the technology time between work and deliberate social interaction instead of using technology as a social escape. A quarantine teaches us how much we need real, physical connections with the people we know and love.

Instead of engaging in endless hours of social media browsing, use your social time to FaceTime on the phone (or chat face to face in person). Have deliberate conversations and focus on actual communication for the sole purpose of affection and friendliness. (Galatians 5:22-26) We were given a chance for a slower life, and it should be taken. Indeed, we need to be careful about the germs and social interaction.

We are conscious of a world which is suffering and afraid. Yet much of our time will probably be spent in changes right now.

Why don’t we make the requisite changes that will help our long-term lives while having cause and motive? Such new opportunities and procedures will go on long after the coronavirus is extinct.

12. Being Missed by Someone

Ever heard the phrase: “familiarity breeds insult”? Well, in as much as this sub theme seems funny, it is very true. After the coronavirus break is over, you will see how people will warm up to you, hug you and begin to tell you a whole lot that you will find the need for another break.

13. Develop New Business Ideas

At all times, intensity beats extensity. you will be amazed how many business ideas will fly through your head this season as you stay at home and observe things from a new perspective.

Quietly write them down and make adequate plans for them as you plan to resume normal life after the break. This might be your time to be your own king this year.

14. Learn other skills

Apart from what you are doing, what else do you know? can you cook? can you sew? can you write? use the internet and online video platforms to learn and practice a new skill which will be more useful to you when your normal life begins.

15. Eat, Eat and Be Healthy

You must have heard of health is wealth, eat good food especially for the slim people. you need to be to be looking good as it is good business as you prepare to resume your normal life.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article written by Sue Schlesman of CrossWalk has become a resource for many as we face growing fear and anxiety due to the Coronavirus pandemic. God is ALWAYS our source of protection, strength and peace during unknown times. In addition, the following articles may offer more encouragement for all to remember as we face the trials of COVID-19 together:




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