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Best breeds of Chickens for Eggs

Best breeds of Chickens for Eggs

For your love of farming and animals, you have decided to venture into poultry farming and when you got to the market to purchase the chicken to start your rearing adventure and you discovered, they are more than one breed of chicken in the market. Alas! You are stuck! And now you’re wondering which breed to choose. Worry no more, because, in this post, we’ve got you covered since we will be talking about the best breeds of chickens for eggs.

Top 5 breeds of chicken that lay a lot of eggs with Pictures:
Best breeds of Chickens for Eggs

1. Hybrid Breed

Best breeds of Chickens for Eggs

As the name implies, hybrid hens are a cross between laying hens for maximum productivity. Hybrid hens have the ability to lay more than 280 eggs per year which is nearly an egg every day.

Eggs from Hybrid Hen: As a poultry farmer, you should expect a typical hybrid egg-laying chicken to lay around 290 eggs per year. These eggs may be medium size and sometimes brown colored.

Color of Hybrid Hens: Hybrids are normally the golden, brown-colored chicken you see around. They are adorned with soft white tail feathers.

Character of the Hybrid birds: Hybrid chickens tend to be a very tough and resilient chicken and rarely ever turn broody. If you have been looking for an all year round egg layer who is easy to look after, then, a Hybrid chicken is definitely the pick for you.

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2. Rhode Island Red Breed

Best breeds of Chickens for Eggs
Rhode Island Red Breed

Rhode Island Red’s originated from America and is known as a ‘dual-purpose’ chickens. This means they can be raised for either eggs or meat as its meat content is big. They are one of the most popular backyard chicken breeds because they are tough and lay lots of eggs. These chickens in this breed can also adapt favorably to most environments.

Eggs: You should expect a young Rhode Island Red to lay about 250 eggs a year. These eggs are brown and sometimes medium-sized.

Colour: Contrary to their name, Rhode Island Reds actually have brown and black feathers giving them a dark appearance. Were you thinking it was red? Sorry, I was deceived first time too.

Character: They are more than capable of looking after themselves, and are well known for being tough. Rhode Islands are very friendly and are commonly picked by first-time chicken keepers. Give it a try.

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3. Leghorn Breed

Best breeds of Chickens for Eggs

Eggs: They are used to laying around 250 eggs per year. These eggs will be white and medium-sized.

Colour: They are one of the most unique breeds going, with a full white body and a large thick red comb. Those ones you see with big combs/ yea, they are.

4. Sussex Breed

Best breeds of Chickens for Eggs

Like the Rhode Island Red, the Sussex is a ‘dual-purpose’ hen which means they can be raised for either eggs and or meat.

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Eggs: A Sussex is easily capable of laying 250 eggs a year. The color of the eggs will vary from brown through to milky white.

Colour: The Sussex breed has a total of eight different colours, the most common one being a pure white body with black neck and tail feathers.

Character: They are a very calm breed who would happily free range in a garden without destroying it! If you want a tame breed which could eat from your hand the Sussex is for you.


5. Plymouth Rock Breed

Best breeds of Chickens for Eggs

The Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock) is an ideal pick for a first time chicken keeper who is looking for a hen that lays eggs roughly once every two days.

Eggs: A healthy Plymouth Rock should lay around 200 eggs a year. These eggs will be small to medium-sized and are a light brown color.

Colour: They are predominately grey with white stripes wrapping around their body.

Character: Plymouths are a large bird that is much better suited to the free-range lifestyle. Like the Sussex they are very friendly birds who can easily be tamed.

With this, you can confidently go into the market and purchase the bird of your choice. I am looking forward to eating the eggs…..lol




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