Did your lecturers lie to you concerning the course you’re studying? Did they tell you that you can work anywhere? Are you presently having doubts because reality has set in? Do you feel you have been misinformed? Actually, what were the questions you asked concerning your course of study? Did you ever wonder where your services will be required after going through the four walls of the University?

Nobody lied to you mister, you just didn’t know where you wanted to go. While you’re still in school, you should set long term goals, not just short ones, living in the moment during school days is a recipe for disaster, while taking up political posts, making friends, partying, studying hard, attending campus fellowship, sorting courses, dating and breaking up also known as flirting, rioting, campaigning, attending campus memorials for the departure of a fellow student, spending money and making good grades, think about your future.

Think logically about the after school adventure, when the push comes to shove, when the chips are down, when the lions come, when life will wake you up with blows, and responsibilities, that you needed to prepare for while in school, which you probably didn’t see it coming. When you are close to leaving school or probably out of school already, you will begin to conclude that your lecturers and exam officers lied to you concerning the course you’re studying, simply because you never made plans for the after school life. When you find yourself dropping your certificate and taking up menial jobs and blaming the government for not providing jobs, this is you reacting to circumstances, and, not being proactive isn’t a good way to live life.

 Having a detailed and well-thought-out plan goes beyond the present, it establishes your goals in your subconscious mind, you have a blueprint of your future and this helps you to work your way towards your dreams. It helps you know where you are, where you are going, and what it will take for you to get there. Having this clear picture will be an added advantage because, in one way or the other, you will make the most out of your university education.

I can remember a friend complaining that his lecturer told him he could work anywhere with the course he was studying and now that he is close to completing his tertiary education, he felt he was being lied to, after all, his predecessors are still roaming the streets in search of a means of survival – a means to an end! Well, l say that the idea that you can work anywhere should be scrapped out of your head and l don’t know what your opinion is, because a student undergoing training in a particular field should know exactly what he wants to do and where he wants to go with the acquired trainings so that he can prepare for it. If there are any obstacles on his way, he would confidently remove them so it doesn’t sabotage all his efforts.

When you are proactive about your life, your dream, and your destiny, you will see all the roadblocks and avoid any pitfalls, if plan A doesn’t work you move over to your plan B, this makes life fun, easy and exciting for you, but, if you had no plans for the future, you will have a lot of free times after school and you won’t even know what to do with it. Time will be expended without you making any progress in life and this will make you see school as a non-profitable investment.

Life after school is hard for those who never planned for it, so you have to be well-prepared for life right from the first day you gain admission into any tertiary institution. Waiting to start making Plans after you’re done is a no-no for you, you must plan to the end and everything you do will turn out positive for you.

No matter the promises life gives you at the early stage of your education, it could be a camouflage, to lure you to fabulous gains, while blinding you to what it has in stock for you at the tail end. It could be a promise of a job right after you leave school, or a scholarship for a master’s degree, or an inheritance, possibly a marriage (especially for the ladies) which will change your life for the better, know that everything is subject to change and anything is bound to happen. Place in-between lines a “what if” and you won’t be taken by surprise when life decides to show you all his cards, by then, you were well-prepared for anything and nothing, l repeat, nothing takes you off balance.



After all these has been said, what can we do to avoid putting blames on other persons for our co-operate failures after school?


No matter how busy you are trying to tie loose ends so you can probably get out of school with good grades in the course you’re studying, you should find time in your busy schedule and go get an experience. Knowledge is power, and having practical knowledge combined with theoretical knowledge is freedom. It sets you apart from your colleagues, it makes your price tag higher and profitable, and it marks you out as special and unique.

Someone with an experience is likely to get the job that he wants and someone with no experience might not. Besides, companies are mostly going to employ someone with experience in the field since they wouldn’t have to spend on a single dime on your training after you are employed.

The way to get an experience as a student is to apply for an internship, bearing in mind that you are being allowed to learn and not to get paid and so, even if you get paid, the payment is a feather on the cap and not the cap itself. The cap is your training for self-reliance and financial freedom. You will get more from such internships because you will have firsthand information, which you will gladly receive. And the training will go a long way toward building your personality trait and giving the course you’re studying more value.



Yes, you heard me right; having a bachelor’s degree in a highly specialized field is a plus to the success of your career. A course that requires an advanced degree to finally be able to practice such as Medicine and Surgery, Engineering, Education, Law, Accounting, etc. increases your chances of not getting a job after school, but, studying a course e.g. Business Administration where you major in a particular field will get you up and running after school. However, with the right kind of information and association, you can still be highly successful regardless of the course you’re studying.



The best time to increase your chances of getting your dream job is to associate and interact with people while in school, this is the difference between you and your colleague who couldn’t attend school, because, you will have the kind of exposure they do not have to people from diverse tribes, families, backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

Learning life from their perspective will remold and reshape your thinking and you will have contacts and associates that you can rely upon after school for background information and possibly the news about a current vacant position requiring the services of which you trained for. 

Do not ever dispute the power of contacts, acquaintances, and associates that you built over time. Four to five years of studying in the university is enough time to build your contacts, do not joke with this opportunity served to you by life on a platter of gold.



Anyone who has had the guidance of a disciplined, experienced and knowledgeable personality on his chosen career field will make fewer mistakes as compared to one who didn’t. Having a mentor saves you lots of time and energy because you have the singular privilege to ask questions where you do not understand, ask for advice where the hustle is hard, learn from his own mistakes, learn from his current pursuit, and have someone to look up for whenever you feel like quitting early. There is even a Chinese proverb that says: “one day with the grand master is worth more than a thousand days of personal adventure”. Also, the great Albert Einstein once said that he became so great by standing on the shoulders of those far greater than him. These underscore the importance of getting a mentor, one who has the experience and not just one who can talk about it but you’ve never seen him do anything to prove that his teachings are good and applicable to life.

Growing up under the guidance of our parents should teach you the benefit of having someone to watch over us at every point in our lives. Our parents may no longer be there, or they may not have the experience and expertise that we required to succeed in our field of studies, but a mentor will. He knows what you need to do to avoid pit holes and come out of school prepared and ready to show the world what you are made of.


IN CONCLUSION, las las, school no be scam as some people will say. School will only be a scam after you spend the four or five years in school without working out your future. Taking risks, setting up an entrepreneurial adventure, making mistakes and correcting them, learning how to save for the raining season, etc will help you conquer life’s challenges.

Be reminded that even having tons of certificates does not equal success. A lot can be written about people who were and are still successful without certificates. All you need is to have practical solutions to real-life problems.
So, Did your lecturers lie to you concerning the course you’re studying?


Blessing Fred writes from Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital in Nigeria. She is an Engineering Student and the Editor in Chief at School plus Career. Reach her with sophialovely80@yahoo.com

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