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Google Develops Native Lazyload for WordPress | Description | Installation | Frequently Asked Questions | Reviews

Lazy-loads media uses the native browser feature.If the loading attribute is not supported by the browser, the plugin falls back to a JavaScript solution based on IntersectionObserver. For the case that JavaScript is disabled, but the loading attribute is supported by the browser, a noscript variant of the respective element will be added that also includes the loading attribute without any further changes.

“Native” means “Fast”

If you have found your way over here, you are probably aware of how crucial performance is for a website’s user experience and success. You might also know that lazy-loading is a key feature to improve said performance. However, the solutions for lazy-loading so far still added a bit of overhead themselves, since they relied on loading, parsing and running custom JavaScript logic, that may be more or less heavy on performance.

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This plugin largely does away with this pattern. It relies on the new loading attribute, which makes lazy-loading a native browser functionality. The attribute is already supported by Chrome, and will be rolled out to other browsers over time. The solution being “native” means that it does not rely on custom JavaScript logic, and thus is more lightweight. And “more lightweight” means “faster”.

Last but not least, a neat thing to keep in mind is that this plugin will essentially improve itself over time, as more browsers roll out support for the loading attribute.


Just activate the plugin, and all your images and iframes in post content will be loaded lazily.


This plugin is partly based on logic from WP Rig as well as recommendations from web.dev and developers.google.com.


Installations of Native Lazyload Plugin for WordPress

Click and follow the instructions below

  1. Upload the entire native-lazyload folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or download it through the WordPress backend.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Frequently Asked Questions about Native Lazyload Plugin for WordPress

Where are the plugin’s settings?

This plugin does not have a settings screen. Just by activating it, the plugin will work.

How can I prevent an image or iframe from being loaded lazily?

You can add a class skip-lazy to indicate to the plugin you would like to skip lazy-loading for this image or iframe.

This plugin still loads an extra JavaScript file! I don’t want that.

This is perfectly fair. Note that the plugin only loads the JavaScript file as a fallback for when the user’s browser does not support the native loading attribute yet. The file includes logic to still autoload the image in a non-native way. If you prefer to purely rely on the loading attribute and not provide any fallback, you can easily disable it by adding a line add_filter( 'native_lazyload_fallback_script_enabled', '__return_false' ) somewhere in your site’s codebase.

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Does this work with AMP?

If you use AMP, you don’t actually need this, since AMP intelligently lazy-loads media out of the box. Still, the plugin is built in a way that it will not break AMP compatibility, just to make sure.

Where should I submit my support request?

For regular support requests, please use the wordpress.org support forums. If you have a technical issue with the plugin where you already have more insight on how to fix it, you can also open an issue on Github instead.


Reviews of the Native Lazyload Plugin for WordPress

By martini333 on September 8, 2019

Cut initial HTML+CSS load in half!

Just Wow!

By dolphinlady on September 8, 2019

I have been struggling to get my Pagespeed insights scores higher. This one plugin took my pathetic mobile score from 29 to 54 and my desktop from 89 to 96. I had a lazy load plugin installed but it didn’t budge my speeds. Google’s Native Lazyload did. I’ve never left a review for a plugin before but I had to today.

At least Get something

By NR SHAOWN (nrshaown) on September 7, 2019

Just Looking for this.

Awesome! 💯

By Ahmad Awais (mrahmadawais) on September 7, 2019

Thanks for putting in the effort and releasing the plugin so quickly.

just testing it as we speak – so far easy install – does it work though?

By (zanet) on September 6, 2019

From what i see this looks really useful. I’ve just added it to my zanet dot co dot uk web site. Looking forward to seeing if it delivers as good as it sounds

Very powerful lazy loading plugin

By Kris Gunnars (kristjanm) on September 6, 2019

This plugin is amazing. The native lazy loading feature is so effective that it’s very hard to even see that the images are lazy-loaded. There is no browser reflow and the images are visible before I scroll towards them, even when I scroll fast. What this plugin does is add the loading=”lazy” attribute to images, a new attribute in the latest version of Chrome (76) that enables lazy loading of images and iframes natively in the browser. More browsers are going to be supporting this in the future. However, just in case your browser doesn’t support it, there is a javascript snippet added that loads a backup lightweight lazy load script for browsers that don’t support the loading=”lazy” attribute. After I installed this, my mobile PageSpeed score went from 92 to 96 and it also shaved a whopping 1.5 seconds off of my Time to Interactive score. I really think that this is the best lazy loading plugin available currently. You just install and activate and everything works. There are no settings that you need to change, just set and forget. You can see the plugin in action on my site, searchfacts dot com.

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