Interview-how to prepare and get hired


Getting a job interview means your CV has impressed your employer; and at this point, you need to be fully prepared to ace the questions thereby, increasing the chance to get hired in your dream career and company.

This article will guide you on the possible scenarios you are going to encounter, and how to get past them to your dream job. Let’s go!


What is an interview?

An interview is a dialogue between a potential employer, and an applicant; through which the employer becomes familiar with the applicant’s qualifications, and fitness for the prospective job.

Subsequently, the applicant will use the opportunity to enquire and be well informed about the position he is applying for. He also discover and ascertain if certain requirements will be met in his own interest.

Therefore, an interview can be considered a two-way thing, where interest is met simultaneously. This is because the outcome will follow both parties.


Types of interviews

There are three main types of interviews and whenever you are asked to attend one, you will be told which one of the three you will be attending.


1. One-to-one Interview:

This type of interview is the simplest form, because you will be meeting just one person and most times it is usually the boss. You will only have to impress a single person as compared to the next type of interview.

The questions asked in this type of interview isn’t usually that tough, and if you are fully prepared, you can be sure you will be able to wing it.

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2. Panel Interview:

This is the scariest of all the interviews since, you are not sure where the most tactical question will swing from. You will need twice as much courage and self-confidence to able to exude an air of professionalism.

This will help you to take any questions with confidence and win the judges over with your charisma.

3. Competency Interview

This is the most advanced of all the interviews because you will be required to show certain qualities and competencies needed to get a good job done.

You will need to acquire certain attributes like the ability to pay attention to details, the ability to work with a team, as well as an ability to handle stress.


What is your role in an interview?

There are two paramount roles you have to play in an interview, they include;

1. Make sure you are hired

You wouldn’t go for an interview if you had no desire of being hired, therefore you need to put in an effort to see that you get the job.

You have to make them want you, by showing them a glimpse of what they will be missing. Convince them that you will be an excellent staff, and a great part of the corporation.

There are lots of competition out there and you might have seen other candidates, so for you to be hired, stand out.

2. Be enthusiastic about your new job

Before you go for the interview, make your own research on the company; it will not only help you know a few things about them, it will also help to have questions that you will be interested in asking.

Your research on the company will determine if you will love your job or not, it will increase your level of enthusiasm. Ensure that you are fit for the job and that it will help you to be successful in your career too.

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What are the traits that you will be judged on?

Like I already mentioned above, there are interviews that you are screened based on your traits and competency.

The traits that interviews are judged on differs due to the environment and the kind of work that is performed in the company.

Therefore, depending on the company you are seeking employment from, applicants are judged base on the following traits;

  1. Personal characteristics
  2. Self-expression
  3. Level of maturity
  4. Personality traits
  5. Overall experience
  6. Enthusiasm and interest
  7. Career goals, etc.


How to prepare for an interview

It can be so hectic to prepare for an interview, a good rule of thumb is to get ready before the day, and time so that, you can enough time to double-check if you are missing anything you will be needing during the interview.

Below are tiny details you need to pay attention to while preparing for your job interview.


  1. Do your own research
  2. The duration of the interview
  3. The type of interview
  4. Specific things you are required to come along with
  5. Be sure of the date and time of your interview
  6. Be familiar with the venue
  7. Plan for possible disruptions on the road
  8. Make a plan to be there on time
  9. Pick out what to wear
  10. Practice your answers to the most common interview questions.
  11. A bottle of water to keep hydrated while awaiting your turn

 How to conduct yourself during an interview

Good conduct during an interview is essential, because it will speak well of you. The following are the ways you should conduct yourself during an interview.

  1. Establish a rapport the instant you walk in the door. Be prepared for a handshake and offer your hand immediately. Also, allow your interviewer to set the tone, while you follow suit.
  2. Exude confidence using your body language. Try making eye contact with a smiling and relaxed face. Also rest for your hands casually on your lap for a balance of posture, instead of folding your arms around your chest. Release the right energy so you wouldn’t seem nervous and stiff.
  3. Speak clearly and slowing while answering questions and don’t be in a haste to answer. This is because, your answer will seem less rehearsed and it will also give you enough time you think your answer through.
  4. Prepare your own questions in advance so that when you are given the opportunity to ask your own questions, you wouldn’t seem less concerned by not having questions. Ensure that the questions you come up with are ones that you couldn’t find answers to during your research so that you wouldn’t look like you didn’t do your homework.
  5. Don’t ask about salary, benefits, and vacations until your employer ask you what your desire salary should be. Master salary negotiation skills, and ask about the salary range in your field so that, you would seem like you are cheap or the company will not be able to afford you.
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Why is follow-up necessary?

It is really necessary for you to do a follow up after an interview. This is because, it will keep your memory fresh in your interviewer’s mind. Thus sending a thank you note within 24 hours of your interview will give you a chance to portray certain gestures and etiquettes.

Send an email or a thank you note depending on how you communicated with the interviewer before. If you had a panel interview, send them thank you notes individually.

It is worthy of note that if you should consider calling after one week or after a date which he had told you to expect a call.


With the guide outline above, your job interview will be a success if you understand every bit of the details explained in this guide and prepare well in advance.

Good luck.

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