See How much China must pay Britain in Coronavirus damages

Have you been wondering whether there will be international implications against China as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you want to know what Britain is wishing for China as their death rate on coronavirus continues to be on the increase? Then this post, China must pay Britain Billions in coronavirus damages – the report calls for the UN, International Court of Justice to step in, is for you!

China must pay Britain Billions in coronavirus damages – the report calls for the UN, International Court of Justice to step in

An inquiry by the Henry Jackson Society found that China might have mitigated COVID-19‘s global economic effects and revealed evidence that the Chinese government violated international responsibility for health care. The British foreign-policy think-tank reports the spread of coronavirus, which has infected more than a million people worldwide, has cost a whopping £ 3.2 trillion to the G7 community of nations like the UK, the US, and Japan.

The paper, released on Monday and seen on Sunday by the Mail, outlined a range of potential legal options including going to the United Nations (United Nations) and the International Court of Justice.

According to the UK Express, The study titled ‘Coronavirus Compensation: Assessing China’s potential culpability and avenues of legal response’ said: “The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) sought to conceal bad news at the top, and to conceal bad news from the outside world.

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“Now China has responded by deploying an advanced and sophisticated disinformation campaign, the 5G conspiracy, we assume, to convince the world that it is not to blame for the crisis and that instead, the world should be grateful for all that China is doing.

On how much the British Government is demanding from China, the report read in part: “China being responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic must pay the sum of £351bn (three hundred and fifty one billion pounds) to us or else, we will drag the United Nations into this and take the case to the International Court of Justice”.

“The truth is that China is responsible for COVID-19 – and if legal claims were brought against Beijing they could amount to trillions of pounds.”

Following the report, which was published in its entirety on Monday, up to 15 Conservative MPs are understood to have signed a letter calling for the Government to “re-think” its relationship with China.

The letter said: “Legally binding international healthcare regulations require states to provide full information on all potential pandemics.

“It appears likely that in its early response to the outbreak, the uphold its obligations.

“This omission allowed the disease to spread throughout the world with extraordinarily serious consequences in terms of global health and the economy.

“The cost to the UK, may be, as a Henry Jackson Society report now suggests, over £350 billion.”

On the future relationship with Beijing, the letter said: “Once the crisis has passed, we urge the Government to re-think our wider relationship with China.

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“Over time, we have allowed ourselves to grow dependent on China and have failed to take a strategic view of Britain’s long-term economic, technical and security needs.”

The Chinese Embassy has declined to comment on the reports.

In the UK a total of 4,313 people have died after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

The Department for Health confirmed the number of people who died from COVID-19 increased by 708 on Saturday – including a 5-year-old child.

Neil Ferguson, a professor at Imperial College in London who helped shape coronavirus politics after a tough report into the initial policy of the Governments, said the number of deaths could rise above 20,000.
Professor Ferguson told the BBC: “We’ve had a rapidly rising infection trend that we’ve stopped at a time. ‘We don’t have the capacity right now to quantify how many people have been infected, it will come with antibody testing, and so we’re making statistical estimates of that and those are subject to some degree of uncertainty.

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