The real purpose of education


Different people have different views about what the real purpose of education should be, this has made a lot of statements become widely accepted. The rate at which competition has risen globally has made the matter of education a great concern to many.

Society has awakened to changes in the economy, technology, inventions, new business techniques, new ways of doing things, and much more. A great number of changes has been to some extent as a result of various educational pursuits.

Where individuals with an ambition to outdo his colleagues have added valuable skills to his portfolio. He goes ahead to seek avenues to add value to the society, thereby, making the world a better place to be.

With these aims and ambitions, we are left to wonder, if by any chance the purpose for which education was introduced into the system, has been defeated, or if it has enhanced the very nature for which man has lived, thrived, and survived.

A rundown of intelligent reasons associated with the purpose of education

In 1991, Arthur W. Foshay had explained that in ancient times, the purpose of education had been to help humans identify with the reasons for which they were humans in the first place.

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He adjoined that the essence of education is, to a broader extent, to develop intellectual abilities in humans.

This helps to serve social needs, and to contribute to the society, by creating people who could become an effective workforce, and also mold individuals who will be qualified to take up leadership positions.

Margaret Ammons, in 1964, elaborated the purpose of education further to be a tool for not only creating literate society, but also a tool for producing a learning society. Humans through education have learned to learn, this is an important part of being humans in the first place.

In 1957, the American schools were thought of to be a foundation where each learner was developed for a moral, creative, and productive life, especially in a democratic society.

In 1948, Martin Luther King Jr gave a speech at Morehouse College, where he explained that the purpose of education was to teach us to think intensively and critically. He also emphasized vehemently that, education must be backed up with a character to buttress the goal of real education.

John Dewey, in 1934, also revealed that that the purpose of education had been to use forms and methods to give young ones a shot at being able, to develop into members of the society in an ordering manner.

What is the real purpose of education today?

Today, the need to be educated has evolved according to societal needs. From the rundown stated above, we have seen that the reasons for being educated had been to instruct, for preparation into a particular society full of norms and traditions. The purpose of education today expands even more than just getting schooled to be able to take a job position and getting paid.

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1. Survival Techniques:

One of the main reasons for being educated is to have the first-hand experience of getting knowledge with which an individual can use to survive in the society today. One of such skills include reading skills, writing skills, and arithmetic skills too.

The ability to read and write has made communication an important phase of human experience. The arithmetic skill has escalated the rate at which scientific inventions have been made possible as well.

Should we talk about an individual’s ability to draw? Yes, drawing skills have made graphic designs, animations, fashion designing, mechanical and motion pictures possible.

The Police or the Corp have been able to arrest robbers and burglars with just a simple drawing of a suspected culprit.

2. Ability to think

A mind equipped to think can do wonders, and break records. This is considered an important aspect of education, an individual imbibed with a creative and critical thinking mind will be motivated to think outside the box, and solve complex problems that arise in our nations today. Critical thinkers are great leaders, they are found in inventors, they are also found in families. They take up difficult tasks, and work their way through them to finality.

3. Build Confidence

The purpose of education is to enhance self-esteem and to build confidence in individuals.

4. Sustain Habits

Those good habits like getting to class early, turning in your assignments on time, performing well as a team, building lifelong relationships, obeying the administrators, etc., will help individuals succeed in real-life scenarios. This is because these habits are sustained and are reflected in getting to work early, turning in your project report early, working as a team in your job, and listening to your project supervisors.

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5. Facilitates Reflections

The purpose of education is also to facilitate self-reflection, by making individuals ask questions about themselves. These reflections helps them consider career paths that are unique to their individual strength and weaknesses.  This will provide clarity about the purpose for which they were designed to fulfill.


To some extent, the belief surrounding the purpose of education is different for different people. It flows from individual experiences, values, and beliefs. But the ideology that the role of education in a society is to develop skills, knowledge, and dispositions, that will help individual members of the society to be informed, and responsible, still stands.




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