Uniuyo SUG President installs ATM Machine at Perm Site – Photos


Uniuyo SUG President, Emediong Ekanem fulfills another promise, installs ATM Machine at the Perm Site of the University – See Photos

This post will concern itself with Uniuyo SUG President installs ATM Machine at Perm Site – Photos.
The permanent site or the main campus of the University of Uyo which is often times referred to as the “Perm Site” has again witnessed another fulfilled promise of the incumbent and very hardworking President of the students’ union government of the university, Comrade Emediong Ekanem.

It could be recalled that during the campaign, Comrade Ekanem had promised to light up the Annex campus located along Ikpa Eoad for students especially those doing night classes. He also promised to provide an automated teller machine, ATM to the Engineering and Science students of the university whose faculties are located in the permanent site of the university situated along Ekamba Nsukarra, Nwaniba Road in uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital.

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When Comrade Ekanem was doling out his promises on the day of the manifesto presentation, everyone was hissing and displaying attitudes which showed disbelieved as they could not belief that a law student can be so concerned when his faculty is not even in the affected campus. Today, Comrade Ekanem has showed that even in” Nazareth”, something good can still come out.

As the Engineering and Science students eagerly await the return of lecturers to the classroom, they will be seeing not just one, as contained in Comrade Ekanem’s manifesto, but two installed and functional Automated Teller Machines beside the Multi-purpose hall in the permanent site (main campus) of the University of uyo.

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Worthy of note is that Emediong Ekanem has already fulfilled more than half of his campaign promises despite his short stay in office and paucity of funds caused by non-payment of school fees as a result of the ongoing strike by the Academic staff union of universities (ASUU) which has prevented students from returning to the classroom and paying their school fees. Some of these projects include: giving out Airtime (recharge voucher) Worth a fortune, Lighting up Annex campus, Quick intervention to the security challenges on campus, Encourages students creativity,(Ibom poetry Day II, gave out over 75 tickets and Uyo fun festival which he was a special Guest of honour), Reviewing of the constitution to suit our modern day demand, Scholarship To students, (10 are already Beneficiaries), Intervention on the Portal closure, Donations to Aid in the betterment of the Uncommon Nigerian student, Other gifts, supports and Assistance that needs no mentioning, in fact, the list is endless.

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Comrade Emediong Ekanem has put joyous smiles on the faces of over 35000 students of the university but what he will be most remembered for is that he reduced the stress of the perm site students who use to trek or pay their way to ibom plaza and other areas just to withdraw. Comrade Ekanem did not wait for the school administration to do everything, an exemplary show of love we must all emulate.

“A golden fish” an adage says “does not hide in the water”. Comrade has been commended by both students and lecturers, friends and foes alike. These are what some students are saying of him and foe him:

In June, a young man stepped up that podium with a Book in his hand containing Writings they call “Manifesto”. One of it was stated clear.
“If Elected into Office by the Grace of God, I will light up Annex”.
That prayer was Answered when over 35,000 students BELIEVED and Sang in one Voice and he Emerged.
He took upon himself the Burden of seeing to the Actuallization of that Goal.
Yesterday when I went to see for myself the lighting at Annex campus, I met a girl kneeling there, she said something that caught my attention. She said:
Emediong Ekanem, you are a light that mustn’t stop shining” In tears she continued praising God for Sending a messiah to us.
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Little Did I know her phone was Snatched from her in that Axis a time ago when the light was not come.
Another group of students saw this and said “How I wish he can return for a second Tenure”.
When Jesus said we are the Light of the World, I didn’t Know He was referring strongly to Mr president.
Oh, no wonder People Now Wear his name Around, He has Become our Voice.
Oh, As Our Shadow leaves us not in the Dark, so has your kind gestures being with Us.
Mr president, We are living in your world of Manifestation, Keep shining for the world to see.
God bless NDDC for giving a listening Ear,
God bless the leadership in Nsima U. Ekere.
Kingsley Iboro,
PA, General Affairs.”

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Tom Richard Once said and I Quote, “Greatness has an Address” And today ladies and gentlemen I have found that Address, it resides here.
You gave out Airtime Worth a fortune yesterday,
Today you asked anyone in the Axis of Akwa Ibom to come pick anything they want at pick and Save supermarket.
You are a super man,
If you can do this only in a Day, I cannot imagine what you would do in the next 10 months you would be president.
God bless Mr President,
God keep Mr president,
HE, Emediong Ekanem
From All of us here,
We wish you a Happy Birth Anniversary.”

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These and many more words on the marble have continued to greet the very young and intelligent SUG president of the prestigious university of uyo and more encomiums are being poured on him daily.
SCHOOL PLUS CAREER wishes him well now and in the near future.

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