What should real education be?

If you think education is costly, go ahead and try ignorance. Ignorance hastens our likelihood of perishing, because it keeps you away from your purpose. The reality is that education builds character. It sharpens our understanding.

The dimension through which your thought-capacity will stretch is determined by how teachable you are. This is the beauty that abounds with real education.

Imagine a world devoid of crime; there would be an absence of prisons, police, and robbery. Even so, the rate at which crimes are, committed can be curtailed; by giving the right education.

It stems from the energy that we allow ourselves to get enthralled with. Less conflict, increasing harmony, and unity can only be possible in a society where everyone is well-informed.

It takes away the idea we have about education, which we confuse with schooling. This is because it takes more to be educated than to go to school.

The day we realized the difference between schooling, and real education, our society; will adapt to a brand new revolution. This revolution surely will change the course of time.

What is education? 

Education is a process of learning, or the development of information, abilities, values, beliefs, and behaviors through teaching, training, storytelling, discussion as well as directed research. 

In a certified; or approved environment; education, can be, acquired basically to acquire a degree in a particular profession. Through, instructions, training, and study, one can also be educated.

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Why should one acquire real education?

With the ever-changing environment that we find ourselves, which started with the primitive humans, one needs to acquire real education. It is necessary, so everyone can adapt, thrive, and survive.

Real education charts a bigger course; ensures a safer means to channeling our inherent gifts, and abilities too.

Yet real education has been distorted by the conscious-need to be in a classroom, before being considered an educated individual.

Whereas, real education transforms everyone from a naïve individual to one full of wisdom backed up by knowledge and experience. This is possible in, and outside the classroom

Real education rebrands and renews you daily with the already existed fact that we learn every day. It allows you to see several steps ahead, and helps you find the gaps in your environment.

True education revitalizes you consciously, and consciously enabling you to see the world through a different perspective. This gift makes you respond differently to different situations.

Real education awakes the sleeping giant in you. It encourages innovation, expertise, and excellence.


What real education should be like?

It shouldn’t focus mostly on accumulating knowledge, and data, but should focus more on;

  • Developing drawing out the abilities of student:

Einstein said that, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its entire life thinking it’s dumb. This notion is true in today’s method of educating people than ever before.

Since, everyone is expected to perform well in the same test or exams including projects. Whereas, the students involved are from different backgrounds; with different abilities waiting to be discovered.

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In these scenarios, real education should be able to detect the different qualities hidden in different individuals, and help them to tap into it. By nurturing it, it will help them add positive values to the world with it.

  • Develops confidence:

When education is done by concentrating on an individual’s abilities, a lot of things happen. It will develop self-efficacy, goal-setting enthusiasm, and personal dedication. This can improve the actual accomplishments of the students, and lead them to higher-level career achievements.

A strong confidence, when instilled in students, enables them to be high achievers. It makes them believe in themselves, and accomplishing set goals becomes possible through confidence.

It will polish their attitude, and make them less insecure. They will be confident in their abilities, and they will stand tall even though they are bound to make mistakes.

  • Teamwork:

The role of teamwork in life generally cannot be overstated. Instilling the spirit of teamwork early on in students is what real education should be like.

Training them to work as a team helps them learn the vital skill of collaboration. It withdraws the ‘lone wolf’ nature from them, and inculcates the “two heads are better than one” philosophy into them.

Learning teamwork in school will also save the student a lot of frustration in the future.

Real education should prepare us for the needs of the 21st century. Our focus should extend to how we can co-exist, to build a better world. Real education should take away those wars we fight without physical weapons. Wars we fight with our new-found knowledge and experiences.

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Real education should sublime the influence of nepotism, tribalism, and Xenophobia. We should be able to see our individual selves as one, united in peace and harmony.

Real education should teach us to understand that we need each other’s gifts, talents, muscles and brains to further our interest and the interest of our countries. The hungry lion hides his claws whenever he is trapped and needs the help of the foxes, this is a character we should learn from a creation of which we are smarter and braver than.

Your Turn

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