Where resides the value of money?

You had in your pocket a large number of currencies just a few days back, and before you knew, it disappeared into the wind. You begin to wonder whether there is any value for acquiring money at all. With all the emotional attachment that revolves around it, and the fact that it is easily gone just like it came, one is left to wonder; where resides the virtue in money?

Well, money has little practical use except for purchasing pieces of jewelry, and other lifeless objects. The pieces of jewelry of course, have no intrinsic value. It only has an assigned value which is arbitrary and based on ephemeral fashion.

It also has a symbolic use in trade. It has taken up a value for which men would labor, cheat, kill themselves, and even make war just to afford it. This value is also arbitrary; established by an unspoken consensus.

Many has earned money through the manipulation of intangibles, mostly figures in ledgers, and words in books. They communicate using a kind of code, about indentures, stock prices, taxes, and warrants.

In trade, men have confused it with the items for which it is paid for. As though money, could absorb the inherent qualities of those items that money is exchanged for. Men perform transactions after which they announced themselves satisfied and walk away from the table with something added in their pockets.


Is money a deceitful mechanism that was invented by foreigners a few years back?

The answer is no!

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Rather, it is the medium through which natural achievement is estimated and set up. The acquisition of money makes possible the enjoyment of all that life has to offer.

A different attitude should be cultivated towards money. Instead of being dominated and controlled by it, the reverse should be the case. A lot of persons are slaves to money, working at jobs they hate and doing things they distaste just to make ends meet.


How do we acquire money?

In order to make money, you have to find a strike of your own. There are so many currencies in the world, that we do not realize that it can be generated even in the simplest act of labor. As far as energy and strength is exerted, money grows, it multiplies wherever the needed effort is implemented.

Thus, one can acquire wealth in various ways; all you need to do is find which job, discipline, career path, business, agricultural sector, politics, and technological advancement is the right tides for him to follow.

But why don’t we prosper even with all our sweat?

One reason we don’t seem to have enough money flowing in our pockets is that we haven’t been educated in the exercise of being a steward. Seeing ourselves as stewards brings peace of mind, a sense of security, and confidence too.

Wealth can only come to those who understand the simple principles that govern it right from the time of King Solomon. This is because, the principles that governed it hasn’t changed.

Another reason why we don’t prosper is because we haven’t sought to find out what these principles are. If we know what they are, we haven’t disciplined ourselves to observe it.

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Some people have been blessed with money, and they spend it on their overwhelming appetites and desires. Others are complete misers, who hoard their money with a fear of losing it. They are also ones who have earned money, kept it and made it work for them.

The emotional attachment revolving around money then could as well be a reason. Without understanding how money works, we might still not be able to make a lot of money and become financially free.


Where resides the virtue in money?

The fundamental virtue of money is that it brings power, this is the difference between poverty and riches. For it to bring you untold power, you need to learn to circulate it.

It shouldn’t be used to buy lifeless objects but power over people.

When money flows, it brings an ever-expanding circle of influence. In the end, this influence will compensate more than the expenses.

You also need to understand that, to give someone a gift means you are an equal or that you are superior to the recipient. Thus, using the dynamic of indebtedness; you will create a ladder that carries you to the highest social level.

I know you worry that you don’t have enough currencies to circulate, but I want you to understand that, it doesn’t depend on how much you have; only on the way you use it.

Strategic generosity is a great weapon in building a support base. Be flexible with your money, put it to work, not to buy lifeless objects, but to win people hearts. Your generosity will bring your name untold power, it will open all doors.

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The true virtue of money is in using it to change your future. You will be offering something that can’t be kept for long to get something that you can never lose.

Prosperity isn’t about you; it really about how much of it is flowing through you.


What is the downside of all of this?

Well, where you give your money is important. The best gift should come out of the blue, it should be remarkable. It should be a one well-timed action that dispels every doubt.

To a particular person give subtly, do not over give to that particular person, because the more you give to one person, the blunter the weapon becomes. They will either take your gift for granted or resent your charity. Choose giving unexpected gifts and you will keep people under your thumb.

Your return will depend to a large degree on how fruitful the ground that you are sowing into.


In a nutshell, just like the lodestone draws iron to itself, money attracts the hearts of men too. This is where the virtue of money resides.

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